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This is the Title Sequence for the Sky Sports’ 2011 Super League coverage. Quite a big project for a high profile client.

We were initially approached about this project by my Director friend (and huge Rugby fan) Adam Wells who had seen the work we’d produced at Ark. The project was quite a departure for Sky who would normally base their titles on a live action shoot. This was totally CGI with Performance Captured Rugby players driving 3D modelled suits in a Future/Sci-Fi inspired stadium.

My main involvement was as Animator and Sequence Designer. Taking the many moves and plays that were captured and trying to re-create the essence of the dynamic, skillful and sometimes brutal action that is Super League.

Watch it in HD

The project was produced by Michael Powell at Xenon Studios.

Concepts/Boards/Stadium: Stephen Tappin
Suit Modelling: Tim Brown
Suit Rigging/Technical Director: Richard Bentley
Shading/Lighting: Richard Wright
Animation/Editing/Particle Effects: Andy Turner
Final Line up Shot: Paul Clayton
Title Graphic: Justin Bates

Director: Adam Wells
Sky Producer: Nick Canham

Breakdown: Animatic, Sequence Design, Animation, Particle Effects, Edit.