Mass Effect 3: Take Earth Back Full Trailer
February 20, 2012

Mass Effect 3: Take Earth Back Full Trailer

[youtube id=”AYXPsls5p_4″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

The full Mass effect 3 : Take the earth back trailer. Beautiful Animation and rendering as always by Digic Pictures.

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  1. airun
    airun February 20, 10:07
    Why in the universe would any alien species, during an invasion, land on a foreign planet unarmed?!?
    • Teyon
      Teyon February 20, 15:42
      Aurin, the soldier class actually is armed. Those mechanized zombie things (whose name I forget) are just that. They can convert you with a touch - ala the BORG, so they too are deadly simply by existing. That said, I would like to know who those massive monsters are, as they look nothing like the collectors from ME2.
  2. Tamas Varga
    Tamas Varga March 01, 10:13
    If you mean the big things in the last few shots, they're Brutes, a sort of cyborg version of two alien species, a turian-krogan hybrid. The game has a quite a few similar abominations created by the Reapers (the big alien ships in the movie) and some of them are armed, or even have biotics (sort of a telekinesis-like power in the Mass Effect universe)

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