Manchester based animation studio Mi  teamed up with Eutechnyx and Activision to create the promotional video for the ”Drive for the Cover” campaign! Gareth Thatcher has been kind enough to give us a short breakdown of the production process


NASCAR The Game: Inside Line (Super wide) from Mi on Vimeo.


All the 3d elements were created in 3ds max, the textures were game rez so we up scaled the majority of them and the crowds were replaced with high res assets. The cars were simulated with craft Director tools to drive around the track in formation, we then built an animation rig on top which allowed us to place the cars specifically where we needed them and add any secondary motion if needed.

We used fumefx 3 for the crash sequence, it was simulated in real time then slowed down by 600% for the transition to slow motion. Everything was rendered in vray at 1080p, the compositing and a few bells and whistles like flares, dirt and lens effects etc were added in nuke.


The live action was being filmed over in the US whilst we were working on the cg, we then edited all together in premier pro 6, just in time to go on disc with the game!

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