A new Star Citizen trailer captured in game running at an incredible 4K, powered by Cryteks CryEngine Star Citizen Website

Tim Elek and Zak Parrish take an in-depth look at the artist friendly tools available within the new Unreal 4 Engine. including advanced GPU particle simulation and collision, materials and dynamic particle lights. Unreal Engine 4 Website Character Aesthetics  

Ten24 have just released a short article about their involvement in the BBC’s hit TV Show “Atlantis” Working along side Vine FX and Dimensional imaging they scanned Mark Couliers amazingly detailed Satyr prosthetic on location at the BBC Chepstow sound

ASDA 3D Printing

It looks like ASDA are jumping on the 3D scanning / Printing Band wagon. Prices start at £40 for a 3d print of yourself. Its very hard to imagine this as profitable business, scanning using an Artec is a fairly

Studio Mirada have released a short video showing off their VFX work on Guillermo del Totos epidemic Robot vs Monsters movie “Pacific Rim” Studio Mirada Website

  Boston Dynamics have developed a new all terrain four legged robot with a top speed of 16 mph. This video shoes it untethered for the first time. Find out more on the Boston Dynamics Website

An incredibly interesting and in-depth video from the guys at Designworks showing off both the traditional and digital sculpting techniques they used to create the Dr Who action figures. Designworks Website    

Bot and Dolly have released a making of video describing the steps involved in creating their incredible projection mapped live action masterpiece “Box” Bot and Dolly Website