3D Total are about to release their 9th edition of Digital Art Masters, if your pre-order is within the first 200 you get a free limited edition art print, pictured below. Link to 3DTotal Shop  

3D Total are in the last stages of funding their excellent Female Anatomy Figure and they need your help to reach their last few stretch goals which include two, 1 hour training videos by Dan Corssland Check out the kickstarter

Lightfarm Studios celebrate the launch of their 3rd Studio – Lightfarm Brasil, based in Rio, with “The Verge” a look behind the scenes at the creation of an epic sci-fi image!

Appleseed Alpha

Based on the 1988 film Appleseed Alpha gets the full CGI treatment via the Tokyo Studio Sola Digital Arts    

This crowd funded live action Akira trailer looks awesome, some of the CGI is a bit ropey but they got some of the classic scenes just right! Check out the 3/4 shot of Canada walking towards his bike. Be sure

This Amazing Kinect driven 3d projection sand box creates topographical lines, mountains and volcanoes out of sand. Using a kinect to calculate the height of the sand piles and a digital projector to project corresponding textures and animations it makes