HDRi map and backplate image resource site Panocapture have released Volume 2 of their Automotive Rendering HDRi & Backplate Pack. The pack contains 17 HDRi maps (very high resolution 16000×8000 spherical & up to 12 stop EV) and 330 backplate images (24 megapixel) which are specially selected for automotive rendering. 

This second volume of the highly popular Automotive Rendering Pack includes sets of matching backplate images for key images so cars can be quickly setup for incredibly realistic 3D renders. The backplate images were shot at the same time as the spherical high dynamic range environment maps to ensure matching environment reflections and lighting.

The Pack also includes the City Streets Night  background image pack which is a set of city based images taken from a car mounted full frame DSLR rig shot using long shutter speeds giving real motion blurred background images suitable for dynamic 3D car renders.

Panocapture Motion blurred background plate image pack

To view the full PDF contact sheet for all the HDRi maps and images on the product click HERE (Right click and “save as” to download)

You can buy the pack on a non-commercial licence for £49.99 from HERE

A speeded up video of the process of rendering a motion blurred image using one of the static images from the rendering pack:


A few renders produced using the HDRi and backplate images from the pack:

panocapture automotive rendering pack volume 2

Automotive Rendering Pack Vol 2

Automotive Rendering Pack Vol 2