Trials on Tatooine - This is what VR was made for


Trials on Tatooine is a free to download virtual reality experience created by the Industrial Light and Magic Experience Lab. The game will be released on the 18th of July on steam.

SW_TrialsofTatooine1 SW_TrialsofTatooine2 SW_TrialsofTatooine3 SW_TrialsofTatooine5SW_TrialsofTatooine4

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Who you gonna call? The Void

Whatever you might think about the upcoming Ghosbusters reboot, this latest development will give us something to cheer about. Utah based The Void has partnered up with Sony to create what could be the mother of all movie tie-ins. The Void, who are due to open their virtual entertainment centre in 2017, have created a VR experience which will allow people to experience what it's like to be a Ghostbuster - without getting covered in green slime. Having The Void on board to produce this experience could lead to something truly amazing as it comes just a short while after the firm received a stamp of approval from Steven Spielberg after he tried some of the company's tech first hand.


See the teaser here:

VertiGo - A Wall-Climbing Robot Including Ground-Wall Transition


Disney Research have just released a video of their VertiGo Wall Climbing robot. It uses propellers to provide thrust enabling it to stick to and travel in any direction on vertical surfaces.

Link to Disney Research Website

Glen Keane – Step into the Page



Disney legend, Glen Keane uses VR to draw in 3D

Making of Seed



Munich based VFX studio Aixsponza have released a making of video detailing the work that went into their amazing inhouse project "Seed"

Watch the movie




MIT cheetah robot lands the running jump


MIT have developed the first 4 legged robot with the ability to autonomously jump over obstacles without the use of a tether  or safety harness.

More information on their website

Source :: Wired

ILM – Celebrates 40 Years of Creating the Impossible


To celebrate their 40th birthday ILM has uploaded a compilation video of their finest works.

Source :: VFX Recruit

3D-printed Zoetrope


Mat Collishaw and Sabastian Burbons Rubens inspired 3d printed Zoetrope is really something to behold. Modeled using Max and Zbrush the final build featured over 350 characters and took over 6 months to create.


Source :: Stash

Next Gen Real Time Head Scans.


3D Scan Store have just released a video showing a photo realistic 3D head changing between 29 different expression in real time.. The head was scanned using an 80 x DSLR photogrammetry rig shown below with the model Brian

Brian 1 Brian-2 Brian3 Brian4 Brian5


Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition


Oculus and Samsung have joined forces to create the Gear VR. The system uses the new new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with its Quad HD low-persistence 5.7 inch 1440p AMOLED screen for the display. By the looks of the images the Note simply slots into the front of the Gear VR with the built in lenses providing a 96 degree field of view. The best thing about this new system is that its totally wireless so it can be used anywhere as long as your phone has power.

Offical Oculus Press Release here

The innovator edition will ship this Autumn to developers and those of you who just want to have a play with it along with the following oculus developed apps

  • Oculus Home is a simple interface for connecting to the Oculus Store, where you can discover, download, and launch VR content.
  • Oculus Cinema is a virtual movie theater, where you can playback your favorite 2D and 3D movies in a variety of theater environments.
  • Oculus 360 Videos and Oculus 360 Photos are experiences that allow you to playback panoramic content in VR.

Looks like it could be the end of crowded noisy cinemas for ever. Imagine enjoying your own personal IMAX on a long haul flight!? the future is bright for VR.


These are the specs of the Gear VR as well as the Note 4 according to the Samsung Website