Lytro Illum Hands on Review

There is some really interesting things going on here, it looks as though the Illum is calculating in real time

World’s Smallest 3D-Printing Pen

We wouldn’t go so far as to call this a 3d printer its basically just a free hand plastic extruder,

Landrover ‘Transparent Hood’ Technology

Land Rover have managed to create a transparent bonnet by combining a front mounted camera with a heads up displace

360° Video using 6 GoPro Cameras

Using a 3D printed camera mount Jonas Ginter had managed to seamlessly integrate 6 Go Pros to create some really

Large Scale 3D printing

BigRep One is a large scale 3D printer unveiled at the NYC 3D print show. Created by Lukas Oehmigen. It’s

Holograms of Holocaust

ICT putting their light stage to good use capturing the testimony of Holocaust survivors and displaying them on a virtual interactive

3Doodler: 3D Printing Pen

A 3D printing pen? sort of, I guess its basically a 3d print head similar to the one in a

360 degree Red Bull F1 Video

The guys at Making View have fitted one of their custom built 360 degree video cameras to a Red Bull

DARPA’s Pet-Proto Robot

[youtube id=”FFGfq0pRczY” width=”600″ height=”350″] DARPAS amazing new Atlas robot prototype is able to autonomously navigate stairs, walk along ledges and