Sculpting The Face - Anatomy & Form with Ryan Kingslien


An extremely interesting and fresh look at facial anatomy and sculpting by one of the industries top Zbrush sculptors Ryan Kingslien


Video Copilot After effects Portal Tutorial

Video Copilots Andrew Kramer has uploaded an excellent indepth tutorial outlining the after effects techniques used to create a portal effect as seen in their Demon Cam movie.. The tutorial covers ::

Chroma Keying, Screen equalizing, Spill Suppression
Building the Portal using included Smoke Clip
Colour Correction, Glow Effects & Optical Flares
Accurate depth revealing effect using ZPass from a 3D program

They are also giving away the project files.

Link to the website

Free C4D project files

Cinema 4D are giving away 4 completely free project files including the 3D models, textures, 3D scene and animation. If your a C4D user this is really worth having a look at.

Creature Painting Tutorial using Zbrush

[vimeo id="28014827" width="600" height="350"]

An excellent free Zbrush creature painting tutorial by Lucas films lead artist Josh Robson,

Josh's personal website

Vimeo Channel

Feng Zhu Design Free Tutorials

A huge library of over 100 free Digital painting tutorials by Feng Zhu

Link to tutorials

Beeple, free C4D project downloads

[vimeo id="27915450" width="600" height="350"]

A truly inspiring and generous artist Beeple aka Mike Winkelman is giving away 100's of complete Cinema 4D project files and scenes from his latest collection of VJ projects.

Link to his resources web page.

Vimeo Channel

Beeple on Facebook

Eat3D Free tutorials

A selection of Free 3D tutorials from the guys at Eat3D



Sculpting Catwoman with Ryan Kingslien

[youtube id="7agT58OUJx4" width="600" height="350"]

[youtube id="pBOMy7Bj2DM" width="600" height="350"]

[youtube id="LO52Mz6THVU" width="600" height="350"]


Ryan Kingslien of ZBrush Workshops has posted 3 videos describing how to sculpt an accurate muscular female body using Zbrush. These vidoes are part of the sculpting challenge over on Zbrush Workshops

After Effects Tips by Ayato Fujii

Ayato Fujii After effects Tips

Ayato Fujii has translated hundreds of his After Effects tips from Japanese to English.. Check them out on his website

Using Smart Objects with Texturing

[vimeo id="27606223" width="600" height="350"]

Pete Anderson demonstrated the use of Smart Objects in Photoshop to make your texturing pipeline more efficient. Check out more tutorials tricks and tips over on CG Bootcamp