Construct GTC Teaser

Blur Studios Kevin Margo has just released a very creepy and visually stunning teaser trailer for his short Sci-Fi film

Gravity – Framestore shot breakdowns

Framestore have released a stunning series of break down shots, showing off their Bafta award winning visual effects work on

Ender’s Game GUI Reel and Breakdowns

Navarro Parker has just posted some GUI VFX work and breakdowns he did for Enders game.

3D Printing is Revolutionizing Special Effects – Legacy Effects

Legacy Effects show off their additive manufacturing processes and describe how 3d printing has been successfully incorporated into their work

Elysium VFX breakdowns

Some fantastic work by California based Visual effect house Whiskytree. Whiskytree website

MPC The Lone Ranger VFX breakdown

Gary Brozenich and his team at MPC created over 550 VFX shots for Disney’s Lone Ranger. Moving Picture Company Website

Inside Unreal Engine 4

Tim Elek and Zak Parrish take an in-depth look at the artist friendly tools available within the new Unreal 4

BBC Atlantis Prosthetics scanning

Ten24 have just released a short article about their involvement in the BBC’s hit TV Show “Atlantis” Working along side

ASDA 3D Printing

It looks like ASDA are jumping on the 3D scanning / Printing Band wagon. Prices start at £40 for a

Pacific Rim ‘Before & Afters’

Studio Mirada have released a short video showing off their VFX work on Guillermo del Totos epidemic Robot vs Monsters