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Anime Star Wars Short

Awesome Anime Star Wars Short created by Paul “OtaKing” Johnson. Take a look at some more of his works on his Deviant Art portfolio  

This is amazing! The guys at DBLG and Blue Zoo have joined forces produce this looping bear animation. By the looks of it they have printed out a full 48 frames of animation using a Maker bot then then captured

A very nice breakdown of the CG work Weta did to bring Lake town to life. Weta Digital Website

Construct GTC Teaser

Blur Studios Kevin Margo has just released a very creepy and visually stunning teaser trailer for his short Sci-Fi film CONSTRUCT. More information here :: constructfilm.com/ facebook.com/constructfilm twitter.com/MargoKevin kevinmargo.com

A very early look at Realtime UK’s excellent “Total War: SHOGUN 2” FMV sequence. The animatic shows the very first stage of the animation and camera blocking representing the basis for the rest of the animation. Check the youtube video

Please don’t ask how we came across this, but it has to be one of the strangest collection of CGI in the world. A word of warning its very graphic and features very very odd and poorly animated CGI stabbing.

Watch Dogs E3 Trailer

Another great trailer for the much anticipated PS4 Title “Watch Dogs” Were not entirely sure UBIsoft would have officially sanctioned this release but its certainly raising a few eyebrows, particular the first 10 – 15 seconds which from a distance

[youtube id=”let-rLEs49s” width=”600″ height=”350″] Rendered real-time in CryEngine, the new trailer for “Warface” looks very impressive. Is this the beginning of the end for pre rendered FMV? should we put traditional animation and rendering tools to bed and start learning

David OReilly has put up all the rigged 3D character models from his film The External World for download under a creative commons license on his website, you can get them here – http://davidoreilly.com/post/45930207387/extw-rigs There’s lots of interesting artwork and animation

VFX of The Hobbit

  Weta Digital have released a making of video detailing their work on the Hobbit.