Ten24 Release a new set of photorealistic 3D scans

Ten24 have just released a host of new full body 3D anatomy reference scans in full colour with the Pro version featuring 10,000 x 10,000 pixel colour maps as well as a the Source Zbrush tool and various low res OBJ's for quick rendering.

Check them out on the 3D scan store

Full Body Scan 13

Full Body Scan 12

Full Body Scan 11 Full Body Scan 10

Full Body Scan 09

Full Body Scan 08

Full Body Scan 07

Full Body Scan 06

Full Body Scan 05


Full body scans

We have just released 9 full body scans created using our Artec 3D scanner. This is just the beginning of a huge library that we hope to build up over the next few years. Perfect clothing wrinkle / fold reference for digital sculptors and modellers.

Scans are available for purchase and download here

Full Body 3D Scan

Full Body 3D Scan

Full Body 3D scan

Full Body 3D Scan

Full Body 3d Scsn

Full Body 3D Scan

Full Body 3D Scan