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A great interview with the master himself, Rafael Grassetti! Rafael’s website

Tippett Studio Tour

  Interview with VFX legend Phill Tippett. Tippett Studio Website Source :: Tested.com  

Motionographer have just published a fantastic in-depth interview with Platige Images  Damian Nenow about their beautifully stylised short Paths of hate. A must read! Link

CG Society have done and excellent technology focus with Mohsen Mousavi technical supervisor at Pixomondo studios Link to Article

FX Guide interview with Iloura’s creative director and visual effects supervisor Glenn Melenhorst and lead animator Avi Goodman about their creature work for Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark Link in article http://www.iloura.com/

Zbrush Central have just publish an excellent interview with character artist Sébastien Legrain about his work on Eidos’s long awaited third instalment in the Deus Ex series “Human Revolution” Interview Link

A great in-depth interview with David Vickery, VFX supervisor at Double Negative about his work on the Deathly Hallows part 2. Fxguide interview

[youtube id=”142gTbBDzWM” width=”600″ height=”350″] James Cameron takes a look at the Cameron-Pace 3D camera rig, the same camera used to film Avatar